As the school year winds down, I’m already getting excited to decorate my suite for next year. I love to study and relax in my dorm room. It is most definitely my home away from home. I think that’s why I am so inspired to make it look distinctively like me. Here is my dorm this year. I was able to reuse a lot of what I bought for last year yet the look is completely different. My roommate and I made slip covers for the pillows. (Mostly my roommate, she is definitely the brains behind that DIY.) We love to use them to lean back on or to sit on when we’re studying. I love the mix of colors we have. The room “goes” without being too matchy. While we’re at it, we must have a moment of silence for Petunia, our plant. We thought that she was invincible. Alas, we still managed to kill her over Christmas break. Anyways, here’s to homes away from home and to enjoying whatever home we happen to be in at the moment.

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