Adventure is out there


It is (almost) officially summer for me! There’s a small matter of a Spanish final paper due Tuesday, but I’ll be headed home on Sunday. This summer, more than ever, is going to be a summer of adventure. Here’s what I (and you!) have to look forward to:

-Two weeks in California for a mini-internship

-Summertime in Chicago

-Adobe Creative Suite (so many possibilities!)

-Free time

-Possibly studying for the GRE, in the off chance I decide to do more school…

-More outfit posts since I’ll have people to help me take pictures

– A month in South Africa!!!

I could not be more excited for all the adventuring God has in store for me this summer. Do you have any exciting plans?

Also, I’ve just started a Facebook page for Live and Move. Give it a like and follow along!

Share the love,


P.S. I didn’t forget the Friday song. Today it’s Youth by Daughter!


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